Shoes plays a essential role in our outfit and give unique look of our every outfit. In the market, to so many varieties are available of men shoe style. But sometimes we are confusing for what kind of shoe exactly pick up. That’s why we select most fashionable footwear and give you ultimate guide to types of shoes for men. We are trying your feet should always be in the right direction.


1. Suede Chukka Boots



  • In the 21st century, Chukkas persists as a popular menswear shoe, particularly in the United Kingdom. They can be worm with both  suits and more casual wear like jeans.


  • The chukka boot is undoubtedly a menswear classic. The ankle-length boot is  equipped with two or three pairs of eyelets and usually made from calfskin or suede.


  • The suede chukka boots will let you create unique looks and can spruce up any cool casual outfit you wear with it. The suede leather outer material not only gives the boots a luxurious feel but also makes this pair more durable and study.


  • Suede chukka  boots are great for warmer, drier weather. Air out the boots regularly and dry them in room temperature only. Use a suede cleaning brush to clean any accumulated dirt and then store the boots in shoe bags to avoid mildew or stains.

2. Loom Waterproof Sneakers


  •  If you looking for the best waterproof sneakers. Loom is the ultimate waterproof sneaker to keep your feet comfy and dry no matter  the weather.


  • Loom shoes are city-appropriate and designed with outdoor activities in mind. This sleek, wear-anywhere sneaker is meant to  tackle any setting -rain, mud, snow, slush- you name it.


  • Loom footwear makes vegan waterproof sneakers for men. As with most sneakers they can be worn in a variety of situation from walking city street to light hiking.


  • In addition, the antimicrobial properties of the moisture-wicking material absorb all the odour creating bacteria. This means, no matter how to long you run, your feet will be free from any odour.

3. Leather Boots


  • The Leather Shoes are made up from may different materials and in infinite colors. It is hard to pinpoint one styles of men’s leather boots as the must-have for all wardrobes. Genuine leather looks stylish, you can’t deny it.


  • Shoes made from manufactured materials can often look plastic and unnatural. Leather naturally makes shoes and clothes looks like a luxury item because the material is sleek and shiny.


  • They’re also more water resistance than real leather, which can stain and suffer damage when exposed to the elements. Leather shoes also durable and provide an elegant look making it popular among various consumers.


  • The breathable features of real weather which can cool down the feet and avoid unwanted odors. The main benefit  is that this material is more durable than any other with which shoes are made.

4. Espandrilles Shoes


  • Espandrilles are the most comfortable and versatile shoes to wear all through the summer month. The perfect shoes for casual summer days, espandrillles are a perennial favourite and sure to be next year’s warm weather staple. Stylish men’s espandrilles are  light weighted and versatile, espandrilles are kind of shoes that go with everything from jeans to chinos.


  • Usually made from canvas or cotton with a jute rope soul, espandrilles are not a hardest of shoes, so if there a hint of rain, keep them stored firmly on your shoe rack or in your suitcase.


  •  The benefits of wearing espandrilles is that is very comfortable. The jute soften in a few days and once in does it it feels so soft that you will feel like you are walking on grass. It has properties on the sole that keep your feet fresh for as long as you’re wearing it.

5. Oxfords Shoes


  • Oxfords shoes are one of the best types of dress shoes and this shoes are very popular. The Oxford is characterized by closed lancing, a low heel and low cut that exposes the ankle. Oxfords shoes are usually made from leather or faux leather, and they come in different looks. They always central lace-up design.


  • Oxfords are workhorse shoes. The right pair of oxfords can transition from day to day night, and is appropriate for work, evening out and dressy occasions.


  • It can be dressed up or down depending on the type of leather and material of the sole. The defining feature is its tightly-stitched close lancing system, making the shoe more streamlined than others.

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