7 Best Men’s Trousers Styles Every Man Must Have.

    1. Pleated Trousers

  • Pleated pants are the classics of men’s fashion.  They can be both business pants or suit trousers, as well as casual casual pants.   Pleated pants have the advantage that they fall particularly well when standing. However, sitting up, they easily bulge up, which may not be pleasing to everyone, but makes them very comfortable.


  • Pleated trousers have folds or pleats along the waist, towards the front and the leg of the trousers is usually well tapered towards the ankles and they can be with cropped ankles or traditional hem lengths. The most significant character of pleated pants is that they are high risen or high waisted than the regular trousers.


Men's Pleated Trouser        Men's Pleated Trouser    Mens Pleated Trouser

    2. Chinos

  • Chinos are without a doubt the most versatile pant a man can own. Chinos are traditionally made of 100% cotton twill, it’s  the  most flattering for all body types, skimming the body with a little extra room around the thigh area and tapered at the ankle.


  • Today chinos have a slimmer silhouette and is used in our daily language loosely synonymous with any basic pants having a straight  leg shape, a zip or button fly, made of twill or other woven fabrics.


  • They are classic and versatile, suitable for the majority of our daily activities ranging from casual to semi-formal. Chinos is comparably more tight with legs. In chinos there are many folds at the bottom near ankle.


Men's Chinos Pant     Men's Chinos Pant     Men's Chinos Pant


   3. Carduroy Trousers

  • Corduroy trousers or cords, can be attributed to clothing everyday, simple and ordinary. They can easily be entered into the    framework of the business style with a suitably selected jacket and strict shirt. But still they can be attributed more to the  informal style of dress.


  • Corduroy trousers are a great for fall-winter-spring. On their own or in combination with a sport coat. Just make sure to choose the type of courdroy trousers to match the sport coat fabric. Corduroy trousers can be thick and comfy, but layering is the best approach.


Men's Carduroy Trouser    Men's Carduroy Trouser    Men's Craduroy Trouser


    4. Drawstrings Trousers

  • Drawstring trousers  are a great alternative for men to consider for weekend wear. Men’s drawstring pants are a great alternative to khakis or shorts. They are comfortable and roomy and are great for the weekends.


  • These pants are not meant to be worn for work or professional meetings so be sure  to save them for relaxing and not for the office. Drawstring trousers are perfect with weekend wardrobe heroes such as a workman’s jacket, grey cotton tee and trainers.


Men's Stripped pant, Drawstring Trousers    Men's Edit Tapered Drawstring Trouser    Men's Drawstring Trousers


    5. Slim Fit Trousers

  • Slim fit trousers are so much in trend right now. They are not just easier for people to grow out of, they’re also easier to damage with regular wear. They fit you perfectly and gives a tall and slender look.


  • You can wear a slim fit trouser but do not wear a low rise always go with Mid or High rise Trouser, it hides your belly fat and gives an illusion of slimmer waistline.  It’s not just slim fit trousers that have adopted this style. You see it also in shirts, sweaters, suits and sport jackets as well.


Men's Slim Fit Trouser    Men's Slim Fit Trousers    Men's Slim Fit Trousers


    6. Cargo Pants

  • The men’s cargo is to be worn outdoors for the tough physical pursues and they are enduring as well in any type of situation or work you do. Cargo pants are made of the hardwearing material large belt hoops, numerous pockets and fabric that dries instantly.


  • The garments are characteristically designed to allow bending at the knee and hip, and are sewn with felled seams for strength and durability. They are great for hiking and camping because you can keep small things organized in the various pockets instead of keeping everything in just the front two pockets.


  • Cargo pants are cool and comfortable . Because they’re so loose fitting and light weight fabric. These are the best travel pants for men.


Men's Cargo Pants    Men's Cargo Pants    Men's Cargo pants


    7. Cropped Trousers

  • Cropped pants are a great option for casual dress. If you’re going for an artistic, high fashion and trendy look : Then, center your outfit around the ankle cropped trousers. Cropped pants are a great option for casual dress.


  • In this trouser Look for pant legs that are slightly tapered or straight at the bottom, rather than those that flare out in a bell shape. While cropped pants do offer a nice alternative to the heat, it is important to consider proportion and cut if you want them to flatter your figure.


Men's Cropped Trouser   Men's Cropped Trousers    Men's Cropped Trouser











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